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​The more we each step into our own love and power, the more the world will know peace and joy.
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We all have the power to be our own healer, our own shaman.


Joanne Muir’s life work in healing/bodywork / energy medicine encompasses 20+ years of experience in Fascial release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Somato-emotional release, Verbal Process, and Sound Therapy. She has also trained in many facets of Shamanic healing and energetic transformation.


Joanne holds a license in massage therapy and has a degree in Human Development from Eckerd College.

As her trainings brought her deeper perception and palpation skills, Joanne found the greatest teacher to be the physical and energetic bodies themselves and the wisdom they hold.  Through years of intensive training and experience, she has mastered the ability to tune into and work with the structural and subtle energy realms and the body’s cellular memory.


Joanne blends her trainings and skill sets in a method she calls ‘Integrative Bodywork’.  She perceives herself as a ‘systems analyst’, deciphering critical points and patterns of restrictions and imbalances, applying techniques needed to initiate the release process.


Joanne feels most passionate about facilitating a person’s path to freedom.  She works with all ages and conditions, including elite professional athletes in all sports and areas of injury, with a focus on concussion symptoms. Joanne has traveled nationally and internationally to study and teach in the field. She has given classes and lectures in bodywork and energy medicine related topics.


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