A Playful And Powerful Guide To A Liberated Self

Saturday, July 28

11AM - 4 PM

First Unity Sanctuary

460 46th Avenue North
St Petersburg, FL 3370

Sponsored by Wings Bookstore

I  am so grateful to have found Joanne and her work, and I  have seen huge/dramatic changes in my self and my life since working with her.

A Transformational Workshop For You If You're

In any way, feeling stuck or at a plateau in your life.

Looking to connect more with the physical and non-physical realms in a tangible, workable way to enhance you personal and/or professional life.

Looking to feel more aligned, empowered, and knowing how you can make a difference in the world. 

-tired of limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, cultural stories,  ailments that are interfering with your health and ultimate happiness.

Gifted with abilities that you would like to enhance and expand upon.

Ready to be free! 

Thank you, Joanne, for going ahead and lighting a candle for us to also find our way”


Enhance Your communication and your connectedness to your health & happiness


Experience guidance through the removal of energy blocks.  

Learn how to keep your energies light, bright, and flowing.


Joanne Muir
Shaman, Coach, Speaker, and Licensed Bodywork Practitioner


Travis Lacey
of Rhythm & Sound Journeys – Musician and Master Sound Healer


Participants will enjoy a variety of exercises and activities that will help engage and experience their ability to feel, hear, see, and navigate the energy realms. 

Work that can be applied everywhere!


  • We will discuss the ‘why’ we are practicing in this way and the many ways this can enhance our lives, no matter what your daily life entails. 

  • We will discuss how we can apply the tools and insights from the class immediately in life and in each arena, how they are helpful. 


  • We will look at how mankind has tapped into these realms of connection and communication with the physical and non-physical realms to not only survive but to thrive and evolve to the advancements of modern day.


  • We will discuss how integrating these ancient tools are so necessary to integrate into our modern day and how doing so can help bring us to a more ascended, joyful, and liberated self!



People who come together in these ways, to play, practice, work in these ways, often find things magically shifting in their lives.  They often tap into their own gifts and personal power, gaining a greater sense of themselves and their place in the world.  

Joanne helps me always see my truth, even when it is hard to see.  I  can see how I  have changed my reactions and responses to life, letting go of old beliefs and really engaging in my own co-creation more.

Workshop Itinerary

“It is the soul’s desire to be free" - Wayne Dyer.




Morning Session: 


  • Discussion on shamanism and indigenous ways of living to enhance our lives here in the modern world.  Explore the concept of freedom and our ability to truly live a liberated existence. We will look into concepts such as free will and co-creating, engaging to liberate, committing and choosing, softening and expanding, enlightenment, joy. We will play with some verbal process and exploring the feeling and change in and around us as we delve into these wisdoms

  • Morning break 

  • Energy: an in depth discussion on some of the physical and non physical energies we encounter daily and through life whether known or unknown.  We will look at how we can see/percieve in more detail these energies and how this can be of great value to us. We will use some examples and activities to assist in these teachings. 

  • Do see energy?  Exercises to play and perceive energy in the seeing realm. Why do this? How to practice this?

  • Do you feel energy? Exercises to play and perceive more in the felt sense of our feeling abilities. We will again discuss the why’s and the uses of this work.

  • Do you hear energy? Exercises to play and open to our clairaudience and ability to hear energy, guidance, truth, non truth, answers, and more. 



Lunch Break (1 pm - 2 pm)



Afternoon session:


  • Discussion, on L.U.C.K, what it is and how you can access it. 

  • Time, how to work with time, your todo lists, manage and balance in a busy world. 

  • We will discuss ways and why’s to transcend the 3d reality to improve or completely heal acute or chronic ailments, recurring life issues, old believes yours or not yours. 

  • We will hear a message from plant medicines of the nature of disease in western culture and how simple our solution can be, with a guide to ultimate wellness. 






“The truth shall set you free!”


  • Exercise in Verbal process, reading energy on language and truth!

  • The power of our own voice: voice work and humming meditation.

  • Shapeshifting and the powerful medicine if offers to us in today’s world. 

  • Quick discussion on Journeying, why, and how. 



Break Before Sound Ceremony



3-4pm closing Sound Ceremony.


Integrating and expanding from a powerful day with the medicine and joyful sounds of Travis Lacey and Joanne Muir in a ceremonious way.


Feel free to lie down, get comfortable and receive the medicine and healing! 

I  worked with Joanne through many a difficult time and diagnosis’s, she always helped me see the light and the hope and the Way to healing and freedom.  Thank you!