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Hi friend,


So happy you landed here and we have the chance to connect! I  want to know you, your heart’s desires, fears, and pains. I  want to know what you dream of and how this life has created the lines on your face and the imprints in your Soul. What makes you you, and what about your journey has landed you here today? 


I  am Joanne, Scottish-born, humor-fueled, and passionate about playing this life game and finding the keys to unlocking the truth. My life work has been to connect with others, to know the gifts of intimacy that come with actual vulnerability and deep soul bonding. I  have learned the struggle and the dark; both have served as ground zero for growth and the places where I remembered my most important lesson; we are all powerful beyond measure, and we have the right to be free and know joy. 


And now, how blessed am I  to know liberation, emancipation, and humanness in a new way? Still flawed but with less fear. I am still learning but with more trust that I already know and have all I need to know and have.  


And guess what? You do too! 


Melding and fusing, creating a dance between the indigenous and the modern, the esoteric and the more tangible, we can live in this present day and access some of the most potent ancient tools known to man. Deep in our cells, we have limitless access. Beyond the realm of illusion, we see the truth that sets us free.  


If you find yourself on the path of self-discovery, the journey toward true joy, may I  say it would be my honor to help in any way I  can, to share the teachings offered to me as they were gifted so that I  may serve others. These imparted teachings are not to be hoarded; they empower us all so that we may create a new existence for ourselves, our loved ones, and humanity.


The secret is that there is no secret!  


Remember with me that you are here to live a limitless life of embodied, empowered bliss and joy! 


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