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A Powerful Group Event

Channeling is more than a spiritual skill set, and certainly not one that only some few people are capable of doing.  It is not something that some of us are gifted to do and some not, in other words, it can absolutely be learned, practiced, and a very valued tool to have in any life survival tool kit! 


From my experience, it is a very helpful tool for all humans to have! 


Many of us may already believe this, but to start let us remember that everything is energy. Energy simply exists in many forms.  The physical and the non-physical are both made of energy, we just recognize the physical more in today’s modern world.  Once we play in the non-physical more, this will become as familiar, palpable, navigable, and ‘in our control’ so to speak, as the physical.   

By Definition

The practice of channeling — a person's body being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication — has been around for millennia. ... Channeling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness.


The latter is more so what we will work with, just the ability to shift the mind/energy body to allow for messages to come in.  I  would say our purpose is communication, yes, but also connection, expansion, wellness, clarity, and guidance. 

What Is Channeling?

Why Channel?


Channeling is critical to wellbeing.  I  myself notice a difference in my physical/fascial restrictions/patterns, my lymph congestion (noticing it is much less congested after channeling) my focus and clarity of mind (both the thinking mind and the emotional mind), and my mood (happiness, grounded/peaceful, confident, inspired, etc.). 


My best description is that I  feel like I  had a whole ‘work up’ and therapy session for all my internal organs and immune system and cells; it is wildly beneficial! 


I feel my mood so much more peaceful yet inspired, motivated yet calm and grounded, after I  channel.  But also, for someone who has spent most of her professional career and personal life, receiving messages for people, I  can attest to the great calming reassurance and truth that comes through for people when we channel guidance and move past the mind’s tendency to want to ‘figure things out’. 


The messages are very different from a thought process.  They are of higher value and often help cut through a lot of doubt and confusion. The mind is full of misinformation and ego distortions, it can be hard to trust its interpretations of the world, going beyond it is so so helpful. 


Channeling offers a connection often unobtainable in the human form.  It is deeply beautiful and intimate. 


For anyone that has ever felt a longing for connection or any sort of deep belonging, any need for being seen, known, understood, and especially deeply loved, this work fulfills us in this way!  

It is a true gift of a skill set we all have access to! 

Channeling in a group is much easier and often more powerful than on our own.  I  say this especially for people that are still in beginning stages and/or very new to it.  The collective energy helps for all stages of the work and sharing the messages, especially if we are channeling the same energy, is beautiful and powerful!! 

Join My List For Future Event Dates

Class Format

  • Setting Intentions
    Channeling is best done from a quiet, safe place. We will need to ground and we will be calling in messengers so we can get guidance for ourselves, the group, or global. Please make sure you are in a quiet safe place. Use the group chat at anytime.. this is a good way to get questions to me when they come up that I can address as we go along. You are welcome to also just jot questions down in your notebook and ask when I open the floor. We will open with intention setting and clearing our mind/body channels for preparation.
  • Meditation to Ground & Connect
    We will start with meditation to ground and connect with each other. We may not be in the same room, but we can practice using our energy to connect with each other in this way, via intention, via zoom, energy exists everywhere, in all ways, and at all times, this is good practice for us.
  • Opening Flow
    After meditation we will take a moment to move through some basic stretching, this will open up the flow of chi or prana as well as move any physical discomforts or distractions out of the way. For some, the channeling will be embodied, for some it will be an external relationship, either way this preparation helps tremendously.
  • Walking Through the Steps of Channeling
    We will move together through the steps. I will be scrolling through everyone to help, assist, offer any guidance. We will do this at an easy pace, though some may move through them faster, we will work to do this together for a stronger connection to the spirits. Depending on the group we will work with one guide together or individual guides. After we have received our information I will guide us through the steps to come out of the exercise.
  • Sharing
    We will take a minute to write anything down that we got or that we felt/experienced during the exercise. We will share with each other. This part can be uncomfortable for people, yet I highly encourage it. More often than not people got more information than they think and in the sharing themselves, the feedback from myself, or even the sharing of others, they remember key notes from the channeling itself they had not realized they got during. This has always been the case in my experience, with channeling or with any other trance work or energy exercise; integration is a key part of the process.
  • Conclusion
    We will close with a prayer of gratitude, for each other, for the safe loving protection of our guides, and for whatever messengers came to us. Gratitude is a VERY important element of the work! The spirit world is ready, willing, eager to help, it is our job to recognize and appreciate them. Strengthening this relationship will enhance your skill set and ability to repeat the exercise again, whether in group or alone.

How To Prepare

No experience needed at all!  We are going to practice the steps of channeling which will apply and help all of us no matter the experience level.

Find a quiet, sacred space to be in during the class. 

If possible wear white or light clothing. 

If you have a sacred object you would like nearby, you may have this.  

Please write out any questions you might have about: channeling in general, and/or regarding any personal or transpersonal inquires you have for this time. 

Recommended is a journal of some sort, or just paper to take notes.  You will be surprised what comes through in the way of guidance and messages, and/or someone else may bring a message through that rings true for you, it is a great idea to write all of this down and revisit.  

Class is limited in size so that I  can scan and assist each participant as needed.


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