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New Moon



Connect, Learn, Guide, Receive

Since the beginning of time mankind has worked with the gifts of Gai to connect, learn, be guided, receive insight. We would simply not be here today with all our technology and advancements if there were not practices around channeling the Great Wisdom of the Divine.


Shamans work with the medicine of ceremony and in altered states of consciousness.  It is there that they see, hear, learn truths that help them facilitate healings and offer translations for the purpose of the survival of mankind.


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The Source

...of illness, disconnect, dis-ease, struggle, lack, karma, and all human suffering, exists beyond the veils, beyond the ego, in the micro-macro relationship, the holographic truths, and in going beyond the realm of the linear. We live in the illusion, seeing past this is to see truth and liberation, and to connect with the ultimate source of consciousness. 

And so they use the help of the elements, teacher plants, sacred beings, breath, sound, the symphony of Gai and Spirit.

These New Moon Ceremonies have been birthed by request of those on the path and channeled by Guidance who has offered the specifics of tools and perfect orchestration of sound and healing modalities.

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We live in the illusion, seeing past this is to see truth and liberation

What To Expect

Each month on the new moon we gather, we ingest a journeying tea that has been specially prepared with prayer, herbs, and specific energies to harness the power and support needed to go beyond.  


We sit with the element of fire, with the energy of the New Moon, all for calling in the new and the truth of our deservedness. We harness the elements, the support of our non-physical families, and we surrender in the space held by Joanne Muir, Shaman, and facilitator.  We are here to heal, and to remember. 

Space is limited each session as these circles are for healing and awakening and each individual is worked with throughout the ceremony.


It is time to go beyond, remember who you are, what your beautiful Soul is here to do, to be, to receive, and to share with the world.


Aho, Amen, Om Shanti, and many Blessings family!



We Sound, We Breathe, We Open, We See.



  • Setting Intentions
    Channeling is best done from a quiet, safe place. We will need to ground and we will be calling in messengers so we can get guidance for ourselves, the group, or global. Please make sure you are in a quiet safe place. Use the group chat at anytime.. this is a good way to get questions to me when they come up that I can address as we go along. You are welcome to also just jot questions down in your notebook and ask when I open the floor. We will open with intention setting and clearing our mind/body channels for preparation.
  • Meditation to Ground & Connect
    We will start with meditation to ground and connect with each other. We may not be in the same room, but we can practice using our energy to connect with each other in this way, via intention, via zoom, energy exists everywhere, in all ways, and at all times, this is good practice for us.
  • Opening Flow
    After meditation we will take a moment to move through some basic stretching, this will open up the flow of chi or prana as well as move any physical discomforts or distractions out of the way. For some, the channeling will be embodied, for some it will be an external relationship, either way this preparation helps tremendously.
  • Walking Through the Steps of Channeling
    We will move together through the steps. I will be scrolling through everyone to help, assist, offer any guidance. We will do this at an easy pace, though some may move through them faster, we will work to do this together for a stronger connection to the spirits. Depending on the group we will work with one guide together or individual guides. After we have received our information I will guide us through the steps to come out of the exercise.
  • Sharing
    We will take a minute to write anything down that we got or that we felt/experienced during the exercise. We will share with each other. This part can be uncomfortable for people, yet I highly encourage it. More often than not people got more information than they think and in the sharing themselves, the feedback from myself, or even the sharing of others, they remember key notes from the channeling itself they had not realized they got during. This has always been the case in my experience, with channeling or with any other trance work or energy exercise; integration is a key part of the process.
  • Conclusion
    We will close with a prayer of gratitude, for each other, for the safe loving protection of our guides, and for whatever messengers came to us. Gratitude is a VERY important element of the work! The spirit world is ready, willing, eager to help, it is our job to recognize and appreciate them. Strengthening this relationship will enhance your skill set and ability to repeat the exercise again, whether in group or alone.
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