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Spiritual Life Coaching

I have always loved counseling people. The obvious reason might be that it is so rewarding to help people feel better. That said, for me, it is a little more than that, I have a deep spiritual or transcendent connection with the work.

Let me start by explaining the way that I approach counseling and how it all began for me.

Born an only child to a mother who has diagnosed narcissistic and borderline personality disorder, I have heard her say often, “the moment I birthed Joanne she patted me on the back and told me, “I got you mom” “. And I did, I saw her, I loved her, and I accommodated her struggles in life with my old soul and wise ways. My father left when I was 8, leaving me as the sole absorber and navigator of the turmoil.

As I grew into adolescence and teenage years, the strain of parenting my parent through my childhood manifested as an outbreak of rebellion and an exploration into the world as someone who doubted its kindness and its ability to support me lovingly.

You see the sponge of a child’s energy field interprets loveless parenting as unworthiness to be loved. It does not know the rational side of things that would help to interpret this otherwise.

And so I entered my adult life confused, angry, skeptical yet determined to find the truth… is this universe a trusting universe, or a distrusting universe?

Like all mystics, I did it the kinesthetic way, I lived and experienced as much as possible first hand, to know it deep in my cells, and to let it change me permanently.

This is the process of alchemy!

By 23 I was practicing psycho-somatic bodywork, at which point the path started to present itself, I had found purpose. By 25 I met my fist Shaman and spiritual teacher. This was the real ‘click’ the moment my heart said to me, “this is your life calling, this is what you are”.

From then it was studying, apprenticing, finding many teachers, returning to school to first study sciences then psychology with a focus in consciousness studies. Every piece made sense, and altogether it was a symphony of genius that not only helped me heal deep wounds but awaken a knowing that I could help others in the same way the path had helped me. I saw the wounded healer at work.

How does this translate to my work today?

My style of counseling is to listen, to read energy, to channel guidance, and to create a bridge between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. I use tools from my degree in psychology, my training in somatic therapy and bodywork, sound therapy, and my deep immersion into the studies of shamanism. All of these practices have such a positive effect on my overall composition, offering me higher vibration each time I practice. It is because of this that I say this work goes beyond the joy of being in service; it has actual transcendent effects on me.

I marvel daily at the genius that is the spirit world, the mastery of the body/mind’s ability to heal, and the strength and grace of humans as they navigate this life.

It is truly an honor to be in service to others on the path and to be witness to the great mystery as it unfolds for all of us here.

I hope to work with you soon!

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