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What.. Massage my organs?!?

Yes, it's true, you CAN actually work with the organs of the body!!

Have you heard of Visceral Manipulation Therapy?

Visceral Manipulation Therapy (VMT) is a gentle manual therapy technique that involves the application of specific, targeted pressures and techniques to the soft tissues surrounding the internal organs of the body. The therapy works with each organ and its inherent rhythms, stresses, responses to trauma, as well as the relationship between organs and surrounding structures.

The therapy aims to help restore the body's natural function and promote healing by releasing restrictions, tension and adhesions that have formed within the body's internal organs and surrounding tissues.

The therapy was developed by French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral in the 1980s and is based on the idea that the organs of the body are interconnected and work together to maintain health and wellbeing.

One of the beautiful aspects of Jean-Pierre's work also is that he incorporates the emotional aspect of the organs and how a person may be feeling/experiencing the affects of imbalance in their lives, or, the life changes and stresses might be affecting the organs and their function. This aspect of the therapy is referred to as "viscera-emotional" work.

VMT is a modality best used in conjunction with other modalities and is often refereed to by many practitioners as the “missing link” where other modalities come up against limitations.

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